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National Sun Yat-sen University, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies for Social Science in Economics. Ph.D., June 2007


National Chung Cheng University, Department of Economics and Graduate Institute of International Economics. M.A.,July 2002

目前研究興趣(Current Research Interests)


Political Marketing,  Globalization,  Economic Voting, 

Time series Analysis and Econometric


A.期刊論文(Articles in refereed Journals-Selected papers)


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Chun Ping Chang (2009). Political Business Cycles In Developed Countries - Intranational Political Business Cycle. Publisher: VDM Verlag; Pub. Date: December 2008, ISBN-13: 9783639114959

Working Paper:

1.   The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Regimes in Developed and Developing Countries

C.期刊審查(Selected journal reviewers)

1.   Energy Economics 

2.  European Journal of Political Economy

3.   Applied Economics

4.   Tourism Management

5.   Physical A

6.   Electoral Studies

7.   Journal of Food Engineering

8.   Environmental and Resource Economics 

9.   Quantitative Finance

10. Public Choice

11. Energy Policy

12. Journal of Development Economics

13. Transport Policy

14. International Review of Economics and Finance

15. International Regional Science Review

D.國科會專題研究計畫(Projects of National Science Council)

1.  The Economic Voting Re-investigation in Taiwan: A Time Series and Threshold Cointegration Analysis. NSC 97 - 2410 - H - 158 -002- 

2.  A Re-investigation the International Business cycles Synchronization under Factor Endowment Theory: Model Construction while Government Ideology as The Transmission Mechanism. NSC 97-2410-H-158-003- 

3. Do Vote Buying Help Winning in Multiparty Legislator Election for Taiwan: Incumbency Voting? Policy Voting? NSC 98-2410-H-158-007-

4. The Investigation of Energy Markets Regulation and Energy Policy:A Shock Arise from External globalization? or Influence from Domestic Government Ideology? NSC 99-2410-H-158-001-

5. 國科會獎勵優秀人才補助計畫: NSC 99-3114-H-158-001-ES

6. The establishment for partisan appointments database of central bank and its application. NSC 100-2410-H-158 -003 – 


Editorial board member of “Open Environmental Sciences”. 2010.8-